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Selling your home in today’s market requires strategy and execution. Here are three tips to help sellers reduce their time on market:

  • Make it shine. Buyers are attracted to attractive homes. Make your home stand out by mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, washing windows, and cleaning the carpets. These are small things that make a big difference.
  • Remove clutter. Not only do clean homes show better, but tidy homes offer more to the imagination. One person’s treasure is another person’s trash. Removing unnecessary clutter will help potential buyers envision their own potential for the home.
  • Consider removing art and personal keepsakes. Beyond general de-cluttering, some sellers also remove all or most of their personal artwork, family photos and personal mementos to give potential buyers an even better chance to imagine the home being theirs. This can be hard emotionally, but don’t take it personally.
  • Pay attention to the market. Work with your agent and price your home to sell. A competitively priced home is the one that sells first, and in this market that counts for a lot. Overpriced homes often end up selling for less or incurring much greater holding costs than if they had been appropriately priced in the first place. An experienced agent will help you arrive at the most advantageous price for your home.

These simple tips can help you sell your home and take advantage of our today’s market. Please contact us if you have any questions about selling your home. We are here to help!

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