Many do-it-yourself home projects are easy and affordable and can greatly increase your home’s resale value, as stated by HomeGain’s annual home improvement and staging survey. The Emeryville, California marketing firm surveyed more than 600 real estate professionals to pinpoint which home projects offer the most bang for your buck. Below are your keys to selling your home fast and maximizing home value!

1. Landscaping Enhancements-First impressions are key both in person and on the internet. Jazz up your curb appeal by adding darker bark mulch, colorful flowers, and  plants or bushes to make your house pop!

 Cost: $500-$600

 Return: $1,932

2. Brightening-An open accessable feeling house will sell much faster than one that is dark and feels cramped. Improve your homes feel by cleaning all windows inside and out, update lighting to higher wattage or eco-friendly light bulbs to increase luminescence, and replace old curtains so that all light available is shining through into your home.

Cost: $350-$400

Return: $1,550

3. Cleaning and De-cluttering-Remove any personal items that may be lying around on shelves or countertops, organize the closets, and make sure your home is sparkling clean. It is hard for buyers to envision positive things if your home is filthy.

Cost: $250-$300

Return: $1,990

4. Shampoo Carpets/Remove Carpet for Hardwood-Steam clean carpets if you plan on keeping them down, if not, remove the carpet to reveal hardwood floors. Many buyers now prefer hardwood and will see your home as newer and more stylish.

Cost: $650-$700

Return: $1,739

5. Stage to Sell-Make sure furniture is set up to where the home flows, incorporate new accessories like side tables and flowers, add artwork, and consider playing some soft music in the background during open houses

Cost: $500-$600

Return: $2,200

Follow these five tips and you can potentially maximize your profits and sell your home fast!!

Written By: The Gina Koerner Team

Sources:Realtor Magazine and Yahoo Finance