Irresistable curb appeal can make potential buyers fall in love with a house before even entering. By creating curb appeal to home visitors is only winning half of the battle. Technological advances have made home searching available to billions of people online, so it is very important to exert an equal amount of energy on creating a good media folder for your home. This means that if you spend time making it look good in real life, then you must equally spend as much time making the home look good online. With multiple platforms of home viewing, there are now many ways to create a first impression. Here are some tips to making your house a good “www” home.

1. If you have window screens remove them! Yes they are good for certain things, but they are also ugly. Shiny windows welcome people as compared to black screened ones. The shiny windows will attract buyers and give your home a perception of being really clean and tidy! Don’t throw the screens away though, because you will need to put them back after you sell the house.

2. Water the mulch in your flower bed before taking pictures. This will make your home look much sharper and attractive to the buyer. Black mulch exuded a cleaner more polished look for curb appeal and by watering normal mulch you can give this illusion.

3. Show off the path to the doorway in your pictures. This will make your home look welcoming to potential buyers. In some homes you will need to get creative when taking pictures. Don’t just stand in the street and shoot. Try taking shots from all angles. It will only take you a few more minutes and you will have many options as to which ones to choose.

So now that you have some tips, spend a little extra time and I promise you your home will sell faster and everybody will be happy!