When selling a home, many owners will refuse to invest any money into the process. You will usually hear, “why should I put money into this house if I am just going to sell it?” What sellers don’t realize is that your home will need to be in top notch shape to be able to compete with the others on the market. Here are a few quick and cheap things that will make your home stand out above the rest!

1. Hire a stager for your home. They are fairly cheap and will make a world of difference. Stagers are experts in taking what you have already and making it look outstanding. If you hire a realtor, also make sure he/she has these same ideas.

2. Make sure your lawn is mowed! This is a huge turn off for buyers. Landscaping is expensive, but buying hanging plants and keeping the grass under control is not!

3. Make sure that when you take pictures that they are flattering. This is the number one marketing tool you will have for your home. Any pictures you take will be on printed material and across the internet. If you take pride in the way your home looks, then take good pics!